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I ran across this:

It’s crowd sources so I added and to the appropriate categories because I was feeling crowdy. :-)

In 2017, at 72 people were burned alive when London's Grenfell Tower went up in flames. It had been skinned in highly flammable "decorative cladding" to make it less of an eyesore for rich people in nearby blocks of luxury flats.

That charnel house was the opening act on a yearslong odyssey of cruelty that just reached a new climax in Parliament, as Tory MPs ensured that working people - not landlords, developers or manufacturers - would fit the bill for removing cladding from their homes.


OktaDev Live has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

What's New in OAuth 2.1

#okta #security #api #oktadev #oauth

sudo rm -rf /System/Applications/

rm: /System/Applications/ Operation not permitted

If sudo <command> results in an “Operation not permitted” error, it’s not your computer.

#Apple #monopoly #ItsNotYourComputer

PS. Dear fediverse, no need to suggest alternatives, my daily driver is a StarLabs LabTop running @elementary and I dev cross-platform/web apps that I need to test on macOS and Windows also. Thank you.

If you have a github account and you're interested in #foss, #activitypub, and #federation, could you be a dear and go star/fave my fediverse server project, #gotosocial? The link is here:

Normally I don't give a shit about faves and boosts and all that crap, but this project is important to me and I'm looking to set up some kind of Github sponsor thing for it, so stars on the project would be really really appreciated and help visibility!

Boosts welcome. Thank you! ❤️

I really need to start writing up my processes as Im learning the ins and outs of Yunohost.

Just got my Nuxt site working in a custom app with ssl working.

/ @yunohost 💚

I think I'm gonna get up early tomorrow and move my now-working github actions deployments to my YunoHost server.

Domains setup ✅
Custom web app placeholders done ✅

Just need to get the ssh keys and the github secrets done I think.

I was originally using digital ocean "apps" to auto deploy it for me.

But now I have set up a new server and set up github action to deploy.

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NuxtJS gotchya when deployed to live.

When adding environment variables (.env) the build script needs running again. This is because the .env variables are switched out at runtime.

Just been banging my head for about an hour.

Classic development

Finally got a laravel site to deploy using GitHub actions.

Next step is to get a Nuxt example working then it’s full steam ahead. 🙏

Ive also messed the background color of my homepage up due to not scoping the css in the layout vue file.

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Decided to add a "personal changelog" to my site.

I have no idea if this is already a thing.

It started off as a "today i learned" and thought a "personal changelog" sounded cool.


These toots are made for walking - and that's just what they'll do.

Absolutely begging for rain. This sunshine shit is awful. I know a lot of people love it but I live where I do to avoid it. PLEASE, weather gods. I’m outright begging.

Tomorrow! @aral and I are doing the Small is Beautiful livestream with guest David Heinemeier Hansson, and we’ll be talking all things Small Tech.

The stream is earlier than usual (midday here in Cork) so make sure you don’t miss it. Especially if you want to join us live in the studio!

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