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someone who makes 5 posts a month, never interacts, and never boosts: people on masto aren't funny and are too horny and nice it's annoying

me, the too nice masto user: then fuck off to Twitter shithead

Thank you to @natecull for sharing a truly shocking news story about YouTube/Google:

When YT/Google were directly asked to choose between morality and money, they chose money. As a result, Google are financially wealthy but morally bankrupt.

There are better alternatives out there, such as PeerTube:

#DeleteYouTube #DeleteGoogle #PeerTube

Might try and setup my own peertube tonight. Again.

Just realised that the WordPress theme I am using for my website is using Google *spit* fonts. Will get that changed A.S.A.P.

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Might pluck up courage to watch Tenebrae tonight. 😬

How easy is it to update a self-hosted Mastodon instanced?

Here's our initial take on the UK government's new proposal to tackle #onlineharms:

When it comes to regulating the internet we must move with care. Failure to do so will introduce - rather than reduce - "online harms".

Our initial suggestions below 💪

I'm finally getting back into the habit of writing.

And what better way than with my thoughts on the 7th episode from the 80's TV series "Hammer House of Horror", The Silent Scream.

Skype is owned by Microsoft and all its calls pass through MS servers. No one knows what MS does with the data it gathers.

Jami is a free open alternative with no servers at all, calls connect directly between users. It's very easy to use, and a good privacy-friendly replacement for Skype.

Their website is at:

You can follow Jami on the Fediverse at:


The app is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.


This week i will begin Resident Evil 7 madhouse fo' realZ.

The Network Timeline is finished, and ready to ship! Will be making a big announcement tomorrow 😁 #pixelfed

As #Easter is coming up, a reminder that rabbits are very complex animals with more needs than most realise.

They live 10 or more years, aren't usually big on being cuddled, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time, space to run around, and attention. They should allay be kept in pairs at least.

A whopping *75%* of rabbits in the UK are neglected. Please, if thinking of getting a bunny, know what you're getting into or stick with chocolate

An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

Every where I look when searching "Decentralized Web" I see Block chain Block chain Block chain.

Bloody Block chain.

I don't want a thousand+ copies of my data all over the world; I want my data under my control.

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