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The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck.

Beautiful song and video.

Finally setup a demo version of @aral 's rsync blogging setup and it works great.

I'm cooking on gas now.

@aral I think the penny just dropped. the sync IS the deployment. 🤦‍♂️

@aral I'm just looking into a Hugo setup for my site, and wondered about your live mode:

Does that get run as a post-receive hook when committing? I'm a bit hazy on the setup. 😬

Just released v6.2.0 of Indie Web Server

All telemetry and the artificially introduced and privacy-eroding email address requirement for Let’s Encrypt in Greenlock.js removed via my ACME TLS fork (including in submodules).

Why yes, it was just like cleaning a sewer now that you mention it.

#IndieWebServer #SmallTech

the great thing about a good old double entendre is that everyone can get it

@pixelfed Hi there. I have just uploaded a jpg to my pixelfed instance, but the preview square image on my user page is just a blank white square. The image is correct when clicking into the picture's post page though.

Any ideas, please?

Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

PSA: Gunship are a fucking incredible band. Equally incredible is the animation in my favourite song of theirs, "Tech Noir"

Towards a slow tech movement: building for tech justice

Via/by @kavbojka and The Collective for Liberation, Ecology, and Technology – a small, woman-owned collective that works to maintain, develop, extend, and promote open tools and documentation for communication and organization.

And contains this gem: “As Anand Giridharadas so eloquently describes … capitalism keeps offering us ‘solutions’ to the problems that it caused in the first place.”

#SlowTech #SmallTech

.@nextcloud is well known as an online file storage system, but did you know it also has a wide range of useful add-ons?

You can take a look at:

Some highlights include video chat, collaborative document editing, calendars, music libraries, news feeds etc.

Once you've installed #NextCloud, you can add these extras very easily from the built-in app store.

You can also use NextCloud through a managed service such as or

What’s the state of email newsletter services nowadays? Is there any service differentiating itself on being privacy-respecting? (No tracking/analytics/short URLs.) I’ve been looking, but all the services I find seem to be all about maximum-tracking. *sigh*

The antidote to #BigTech is #SmallTech: a must-read by @aral, footnotes included...
Or, as @ton puts it, "Small Tech Provides Agency, Big Tech Takes It Away".

Ultraviolence may well be my favourite album by Lana Del Rey.

Deep, soulful and hugely emotive.

Still can't believe that the song "Black Beauty" was a bonus track. Easily my favourite one, possible of all her songs.

I'm a sad girl
I'm a bad girl
I'm a bad girl.

-- artist: Lana Del Rey
-- song: Sad Girl
-- album: Ultraviolence

Think I'm going to retry setting up my DAT url. I reckon the way that the WordPress plugin replaces the entire directory when re-building the static site, may be breaking the DAT link.

LORN's music is so fucking awesome. It hits a unique spot in my brain that most other music I hear just can't reach.

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