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When you’re watching Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift is watching you.

“a kiosk was set up for adoring fans to view videos of her … the kiosk took photos of people looking at the videos. The images were sent back to a “command post” in Nashville where they were cross-referenced, using facial recognition technology, with a database of people who had been identified as potential stalkers of the pop star.”

so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

I have almost finished my Nextcloud set up guide. Just some final tweaks and checks and should be publishing later this evening.

Safari folks: use “Request Desktop Site” from the iOS share menu to nope your way out of amp pages.

(Do this before sharing URLs to protect your friends from Google tracking too.)

Facebook has patented technology that predicts who else lives in your household based on photos you shared. Maybe you should be keeping them to yourself...

Is it even worth me trying to come up with ideas for a talk on Decentralized social networks and presenting it to social media conferences? (In the UK specifically)

Would I just be talking to the wrong crowd? Or is that the sort of crowd that needs presenting to?

Never done a talk before, and to be honest have never thought about it till now. (The thought terrifies me) I just have a desire to try and help this world in some way. Sick of sitting at sidelines.

Any advice welcome. :) / @aral

Want to release tumblr import support before Dec 17th. :pixelfed:

Did you know you can store data from directly on your #nextcloud? Read how in this blog by Nextcloud developer Joas.

Using (web) Mastodon takes a little bit of work. (what? 3 columns?) 😱

After a while, though, it feels actually a lot easier and more natural than the other "micro-blogging" site.

And the community is certainly a lot nicer.

And now I'm off to watch today's neighbours episode. If anything has happen to Sonya, I'm out.

Made a redesign* of my new website (now a static HTML site generated by Jekyll).

It is very basic as I only have one post so far.

I'm aware that the line heights and fonts are all over the place and don't look too nice right now.

I wanted to get it out there and then iterate on it every day or so instead of never launching it. :)

*I use the term "design" loosely

Installed Beaker Browser. Having a little play. Looks nice so far - a great playground to learn the ropes. :) :fediverse:

If you see someone on using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

Was going to sign up for a Pinebook until I hit the ReCAPTCHA.

It is the height of irony to force people to make a surveillance capitalist smarter in order to order your “open source” laptop.

@aral I just heard about something called "Hifa" in one of your talks. (Not sure if I've spelt that correctly?

Do you have any more information on it please? Got me intrigued :)

Forgot to watch neighbours tonight. I really hope Sonja is okay. 🤨😢

Probably wont be tonight after all. Really want to get this guide tight and fully tested again before sharing it out.


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