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Hello mastodonians

I've called you all here today to announce something special about you to me

I'm free of all centralized social media, and this is the place to be

I left my other life of pretending and now I am becoming myself every day, and each day is more beautiful than the last

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and seeing me for me

Light the ancient flame and bring illumination to the unwise.

Bridge the heavenly connection and make things right.

Shun the net that was.

Embrace the net that should have been.

Restore the future state.

Just over a week left to Join Team Fleet and get a copy of Baron von Bear and the Case of the Cursed Cuckoo. You get access to a bunch of comics podcasts and process videos and I'll send you a signed mini-comic about a bear who reclaims cursed objects. Very good value indeed!

To the Tumblr refugees: welcome!

Having been on the Internet for over thirty years, I have one piece of advice for creative folks working online:

Control Your Platform.

Don't build a business around Facebook, Tumbler, G+, Geocities, MySpace, AltaVista, or any of these other third parties that claim to offer quick and easy results.

They all go away. Every one of them.

Build your own site. Use third parties to steer people to your site.

Third parties are the devil--useful devils, but devils.

I took the idea of structuring the footnotes for posts (although only one in this one) from @aral . A great pattern that I haven't seen on the web before.

May write up a little post about it as I think more people should do this.


I've actually started writing up about Decentralized alternatives to mainstream sites.

I'm looking to help the community as much as I can and this post is the very first step:

There's just too much happening in #Nextcloud to follow! That's why, every month, we summarize what happened in a (often lengthy...) newsletter.

Join over 10K other subscribers and don't miss anything!

Just looking through all the apps available for . Lots of great work has been done since I last had my nextcloud running. 👍

Have some exciting announcements to make soon about safety improvements on pixelfed.

Moderation can be automated to some degree if implemented properly.

Can't wait to share! :pixelfed:

We take privacy, safety and security very seriously.

We do not want to enable federation support until we can meet those standards. It may take longer than other projects, but it will be worth it. :pixelfed: #pixelfed

@nextcloud Would you recommend the Snap package for installing my Nextcloud instance?

Welcome to the fediverse, enjoy your stay :fatyoshi:

#art #mastoart

Uh to introduce myself: I'm Abby. I draw, like, professionally n' whatnot - here's summa my stuff. I write fantasy and live on maladaptive daydreaming. I like comics, and like people, though i'm afraid of talking to folks. Hit me up.

Just setup my @pixelfed account. It's nice so far. Anyone know of any mobile apps here or is it best to approach via the browser?

Tumblr is banning all adult content

Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

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