I have started adding foundation videos to my own instance so that they are discoverable in that realm of the internets. Spread the good word!

Small Technology Foundation are:
@aral @laura


I'm strongly considering putting together a Peertube one-click installer. To easily set your own Peertube instance up with zero messing around with a server.


My knowledge would limit me to only doing this with Digital Ocean for now. All you'd need to provide is your Digital Ocean API key and your chosen domain name.

Site JS dynamic functionality is awesome.

1) I have a static homepage.
2) In project root, I create a folder: '.dymamic'
3) Inside that '.dynamic' folder I add a file 'test.js' with the counter code example from the Site JS docs: (sitejs.org/#dynamic-route-long) and save the file.
4) I go to `https://localhost/test` to find that the file has been auto-registered as a route with the same name as file name. 💚

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