Thinking of starting a personal Wiki using Media Wiki.

Then using that as a way of sharing tutorials / guides -- both for myself and others.

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@david I did that for a long time using pmWiki and then DokuWiki. I'd vouch for the latter as it doesn't require a database. I threw everything out in favor of plain ol' .md files four years ago - haven't looked back since. You might also be interested in the concept of "blikis", a combination of a blog and wiki:
@david You're welcome! Although it occurs me that you have a mariadb/mysql running anyway with your Wordpress site, so it might not matter for you. MediaWiki is quite 'heavy'/complex if it's just a personal wiki.

@wouter I went with "DocuWiki" in the end.

Just set it to global no access for any guests. Then I can open up pages as read only as and when I want them. 👍

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