I have started adding foundation videos to my own instance so that they are discoverable in that realm of the internets. Spread the good word!

Small Technology Foundation are:
@aral @laura

@david @aral @laura not sure if you want to manually approve follows to the account but currently it is not set to allow automatic follows.

@LPS Ive not had anything come up about a follow request yet. There are 2 subscribers of that group that I didnt have to approve, so not sure what's going on.

@LPS @david @laura Oddly, I was just able to follow from my Mastodon account.

@aral @LPS @laura I have just retried and it now works @LPS - I now follow you also.

@david @aral @laura so cool!! Thanks for the help, not exactly a lot of opportunity to test this kind of thing.

@aral @david @laura it's working for me now as well, I cancelled my request and resent...all good.

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