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I am proud to say I am now serving my website using as well as .

My Dat URL: dat://7ff253d3213fd4b6a8449d6342bac1f166c526b3cce919e84825b8bd540978a6/

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Persona 5 and it's story about a group of friends joining together to bring down corrupt adults in order to free others. It was a perfect metaphor for the fight against for me, and is why my avatar is their logo. Corny, but I don't care.

#uBlockOrigin is a really good and easy-to-use ad-blocker for your web browser. It also blocks some other threats to your privacy.

You can install it from your browser's add-on or extensions menu, and it's available for all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge and Opera.

It works well alongside #PrivacyBadger, and recommends you install both.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT install "uBlock", it has a similar name but is a totally different app.


Is it just me who, as a Web Developer, hates being referred to as a "Resource"?

Glancing through the YouTube trending page - this species is fucked.

Links hardcoded in site to go to https version. Jigging the static site generator settings to using relative URLs in output.

I am proud to say I am now serving my website using as well as .

My Dat URL: dat://7ff253d3213fd4b6a8449d6342bac1f166c526b3cce919e84825b8bd540978a6/

@aral I prob should have persisted before messaging you. As 20 minutes later - I have no idea how - I got it working.

Proud to be "DATing" (that's a term, right? 😂 )


Thanks for the inspiration!

@aral Hi! I've got my static site working and have run `dat .`. Also tried `dat share` and `dat sync`. However, when putting my dat url into beaker it doesn't connect.

I was just wondering if there were any gotchyas to be aware of.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Watch the videos!
#FOSDEM 2019 had two #Nextcloud talks:
☁️ "decentralize the way we sync, share and collaborate"
☁️ "A private cloud for everyone"

Talent is a myth.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not "gifted" enough to do art. All it takes is patience, focus and discipline, and those can be trained.

Look for the right teachers and learning material, surround yourself with artists better than yourself, and generally work a shit ton - you can make it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #ArtTips #inspiration #drawing

Reminder to everyone still working three dead-end jobs dog-walking, Uber-driving, grocery-running, adjunct-educating, hoping to win the killer-app lottery living in a coffin apodment or parents' closet, United Airlines aircraft engineers living in vans in $4000 rent cities, 70-year-old retirees going back to work in Amazon sweatshops sardine-packed 5 families to a house, and the other 60% of America in poverty after adjusting for rent/health care costs, as the biosphere dies.

Fuck Capitalism

#Trunk is a community-run directory of people on the Fediverse who are looking for followers:

It's opt-in, so people only get listed if they specifically ask to be there.

It's organised by topic, and you can follow individuals or the entire list for that category.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Fediverse

Have you considered contributing to #OpenStreetMaps? It's like Wikipedia but for maps - a map that everybody can edit! Today, the NSW Address Import project added thousands of addresses for West Pennant Hills, Warrawee, and West Pymble.

If you know those areas, check it out and start mapping!

#opensource #gis

Please drink some water if you haven't in a while. I love you ❤️

Switched DNS to new static version of my site but I've borked the SSL. Will do new letsencrypt when get to work. 😅

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