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Persona 5 and it's story about a group of friends joining together to bring down corrupt adults in order to free others. It was a perfect metaphor for the fight against for me, and is why my avatar is their logo. Corny, but I don't care.

The Internet belongs to us all and yet our names are owned/controlled by commercial entities. Isn’t it time to put an end to this ridiculous rent seeking for what are essentially rows in a database? @OpenNIC has a free/open alternative. We should mandate all browsers support it.


Desire from new blood to work at #Facebook is dropping off a cliff.

Facebook routinely offers jobs to graduates from top schools like Stanford. But.

The acceptance rate of those jobs has plummeted from around 90 percent in 2016 to 50 percent this year so far.

It's working. #DeleteFacebook

I am behind on Twitter, but fuck you, Alabama.

The Alabama Senate passes the most restrictive abortion ban in the US, making it a felony with very limited exceptions

Powering down server to create snapshot. 👍 😜

@Framasoft is doing a funding campaign to build activitypub-powered event-hosting software

They have a good track record of following through, seems worth supporting

The petition has shot past 75,000 signatures now. Please lend your voice if you can.

Bhavani Esapathi ( is my friend and a dear, wonderful person who has been battling autoimmune disease for as long as I’ve known her and doing so while helping others. Now the Tories want to hand her a death sentence and deport her. We cannot let this happen.

Read about her ordeal:

Sign/support this petition and help save her life:

Tell your friends, call your elected representatives, make some noise.


Hey artists of the fediverse:

I am looking to commission some art for my instance

- Server thumbnail (1200x630px)
- Hero image (600x100px)
- Mascot image (293x205px)

Like the name of the instance, I am looking for Star Trek themed artwork.

If you are interested in doing such a thing, please contact me via e-mail:

#art | #mastoart

Meet Raleigh Goad, an animatronic historian who has recently acquired a very special padlock... in the Twilight Zone.

Google Pixel 3a - Now more people can afford to be tracked heavy by Scum.

Thinking of going static site with @aral 's Indie Web Server.

I think the time has come to migrate my website. Every day it falls over - along with my Gitea also.

My website and gitea keep falling over and I have no idea why.

A. Privacy is not a good, it is a human right

B. Google is a surveillance capitalist; its business model is diametrically opposed to respecting privacy

C. Google protects *their* information, not yours, because that’s what your information becomes once they have it: their asset

The gates are open. The chanting begins. Ascension is nigh, my siblings.


I've usually explained open source to non-technical people as being the equivalent of an ingredients list on food.

Even if you don't make food yourself, even if you don't know what those ingredient names mean, it's important that the information is public so that experts can check it on your behalf.

‘These Ads Think They Know You’

“Today’s data providers can receive information from almost every imaginable part of your life: your activity on the internet, the places you visit, the stores you walk through, the things you buy, the things you like, who your friends are, the places your friends go, the things your friends do, and on and on.”

“It’s easy to rationalize away concerns by thinking a single smart speaker or appliance couldn’t know enough to matter. But across the increasingly connected home, there’s a brazen data grab going on, and there are few regulations, watchdogs or common-sense practices to keep it in check.”

Hey, Alexa: Stop recording me - The Washington Post

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