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Persona 5 and it's story about a group of friends joining together to bring down corrupt adults in order to free others. It was a perfect metaphor for the fight against for me, and is why my avatar is their logo. Corny, but I don't care.

me whenever I see another agency robbing a client of their money

Centralized tech platforms are "handmaidens to authoritarianism"
- Carole Cadwalladr, who exposed the illegal facebook ads around #brexit

Too much power in the hands of just a few tech platforms threatens democracy! #decentralization

Got some new 2 Noir videos to upload today. These videos are only trimmed either side. No editing in the video itself as I don’t know how to yet. 😬

Hello WordPress users,

Do you know sources of good privacy-friendly themes for WordPress? (i.e. without any trackers)

(It's possible to remove trackers manually, but this is a request for themes that respect privacy by default.)

#WordPress #Privacy

Time to remove them pesky Google asset links that my theme has.

The video I was watching is called:

"Chris Coyier - The All Powerful Front End Developer".

I wont link here as it's a YouTube video. Search for it if you would like to see it.


Watching a video about#JAMStack. JAMStack : A.K.A. stick logic code on someone else's server and use third parties (Usually Surveillance Capitalist companies) to do certain tasks.

Chris Coyier is a super nice guy who I've always respected. But I'm disappointed that he, along with many other devs, still recommend Google-based products as part of people's infrastructure.

People in positions of influence need to wake up. I know it's hard not to rely on big companies in modern web dev, but still.

⚠️ Federation Update ⚠️

We have identified several issues with remote following and the network timeline. The issues require significant refactoring and will take some time.

In the current state, we do not feel full federation meets the standards of the community.

We are delaying the release until May 17th or later.


Hey Fediverse,

Can you suggest environmental / green /ecological themed instances?

Re-publishing the remaining posts of mine that got set to draft when I migrated ages ago.

71 left to go...

Currently uploading Part 3 of my Resident Evil 2 Noir Hardcore play through.

If you are looking for a fun and useful project over this long weekend - Nextcloud 16RC2 is out, test it! - look on the bottom right of our install page for the download link to the RC or grab it from

This is a repeat of a previous toot, as I had to role back my server again last night to a backup.

Both Facebook and Twitter have been deleted. And it feels damn good.

@mbmattos1113 Hi there! Not sure if you'll need to click follow on me again as I had to roll my server back again.

@Katie Tenebrae! Oh my feck. That was so much fun. That reappearance at the end was so well done. Haven't jumped like that in a long while.

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